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How Does In-Store Shopper Eye Tracking Work?

27 December, 2016 Leave a comment
You may be wondering what shopper eye tracking is and how it can help you. By using this technologically advanced shopper research technique, you can find out more about your customers — how they behave and how they think. A customer taking part in in-store eye tracking will tell you more than. Read More…

Coca Cola Marketing Strategy

22 December, 2016 Leave a comment
John Pemberton came up with the Coca Cola recipe in 1886. An entrepreneurial American pharmacist, John Pemberton was abysmal at marketing and if the marketing had relied on Pemberton, Coca Cola may have disappeared without a trace. How could this product rise to the top and stay there for well. Read More…

How In-Store Research Can Be Vital for Your Company

13 December, 2016 Leave a comment
Shopper behaviour research has many benefits. Because it allows you to learn more about your customers, you are better equipped to meet their needs. Using the best available shopper research techniques, SBXL provides you with the tools to improve your shopper experience. With a store that is. Read More…

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