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Consumer Insight

27 October, 2016 Leave a comment
Let’s start at the beginning and deal with the thorny question, “What are consumer insights?” There is no magic in the phrase, ‘consumer insight.’ It’s an umbrella phrase for how experts interpret trends in how people behave. It is just another way of saying insight into the. Read More…

Why Shoppers Spend Less Money Online Than They Do In-Store

18 October, 2016 Leave a comment
With most supermarkets now offering an online delivery option, many retailers are finding that more customers are doing a high proportion of their grocery shopping online. But although this may be a convenient change for customers, this is causing problems for supermarkets. Customers are. Read More…

Brand Insight

13 October, 2016 Leave a comment
You work so hard to create a brand and build a brand and then the customer strolls into your store, barely looks at your brand, and goes over to another brand and buys it instead. Why, oh why, are shoppers like this? Why do they insist upon ignoring the well-designed product with its perfect. Read More…

NEWS JUST IN! Shoppers Like Special Offers!

4 October, 2016 Leave a comment
Recent reports suggest that Britain’s supermarkets are set to call time on the vast majority of in-store offers such as BOGOFs because customers say they are simply wasting food and drink after being encouraged to buy more than they need. However, we must remember that whilst shoppers tell. Read More…

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