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Customer Insight Tools

29 September, 2016 Leave a comment
It’s a different world out there for retailers. A potential customer very well might research online before buying. It is possible that customers are using a mobile device to check out products and services in store, doing their shoppers research online before making their purchase decisions.. Read More…

Shopping Research

22 September, 2016 Leave a comment
Do you know what information 81% of shoppers research reveals? No? How about the steps that your potential customer makes on their shopping journey before making a purchase? No? SBXL can help answer these questions. Our research strategy can provide insight into how a purchase decision is. Read More…

Emotional Profiling – How To Align Your Brand With Shopping And Consuming

20 September, 2016 Leave a comment
With the typical Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) in a supermarket having around a 1 in 500 chance of being bought by the next shopper entering the store, it’s now more important than ever to ‘stand out from the crowd’ on the shelf and in the aisle. Emotional profiling allows you to identify. Read More…

The Future of The Shopper

6 September, 2016 Leave a comment
The growth of shopper insight has been rapidly accelerating, and shows no signs of slowing down, for the potential gains are proving to be far too compelling.  Not only does shopper insight drive top-line growth in a mature industry, it helps both manufacturers and retailers to build (and. Read More…

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