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How to Get Consumer Insights

30 August, 2016 Leave a comment
You want to know what the consumer is really thinking? You want to know what motivates the shopper to make a purchase? Hire a mind reader. That way you will always know exactly what the consumer is thinking. Sure, it might be too much information and a lot of it may have nothing to do with the. Read More…

The Perils of ‘Stupid Retail’ & How To Avoid It

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Shoppers and their behaviour (i.e. ‘shopping’) are always changing but we need to stop looking at what is changing or ‘by how much’ and start focusing on why? ‘Economics’ is defined as ‘the social science that describes the factors that determine the production, distribution and. Read More…

UK Retail Industry Analysis

26 August, 2016 Leave a comment
Understanding the retail industry does wonders in saving time, effort, and money. Even more importantly, it will help you make the best (which means the most profitable) decisions. There are companies out there that provide all kinds of industry statistics and there are companies that take. Read More…

The Potential of The Shopper

23 August, 2016 Leave a comment
Despite the widespread buzz and increasing popularity around shopper understanding and insight, support for it has not – in all cases at least – filtered through the organisations who should be taking notice. Within the marketing departments of many manufacturers, in-store activities are. Read More…

Is the Secret of Grocery Sales Hidden in the Past?

18 August, 2016 Leave a comment
Where’s the thrill, the sizzle? Where has the fun and excitement of grocery shopping gone? People who have been grocery shopping for a while may be wondering what has happened, are they just discovering that grocery shopping has become boring, or has the experience changed? The truth is that. Read More…

Retailers behold! The Secret to Selling More Stuff!

9 August, 2016 Leave a comment
Want to increase market share and earn brownie points with your boss? We’ve discovered the secret – read on to find out more... On any given day in any modern supermarket, there can be over 50,000 products to choose from in-store, and of these, typically 20% will be a part of some form of. Read More…

Which is the best promotional mechanic for you?

2 August, 2016 Leave a comment
In a recent poll across the UK’s leading supermarkets, there was a plethora of special offer mechanics in use. With such a huge range available, we decided to impart some knowledge on what impact they have on shoppers and their thinking. Over 5,000 multi-buys (2 for... etc.) In excess of. Read More…

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