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Defend Against Delisting!

26 July, 2016 Leave a comment
In late 2015, supermarkets announced plans to slash their product lines by as much as 30%, which meant hundreds, if not thousands of brands faced the possibility of being delisted. Dionysius (II) was a fourth century B.C. tyrant of Syracuse, a city in Magna Graecia: Consider him to be a large. Read More…

Shopping Insight

21 July, 2016 Leave a comment
To gain true shopping insight, you have to find a way to read the mind of the inner shopper. Enticing shoppers to buy is all about understanding consumer shopping behaviour. Luckily, SBXL knows how to do this. It begins with four shopper-research tools that provide insight into the shopper's. Read More…

Supermarket Statistics

19 July, 2016 Leave a comment
In 2013, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, and Morrisons - the big four supermarkets - lost grocery market share. During the same period, German discount grocers, Aldi and Lidl, gained market share. Waitrose showed growth until 2015 when it began to lose market share. Tesco, the largest market. Read More…

Shopper Insights

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Shopper Insights are not only a critical component of strategy development, they are also essential to in-store tactics. The development of said shopper insights is often the first step (and the biggest investment) that an organisation makes as they become more shopper focused – however it is. Read More…

BOGOF, Save, 2 For… Which Special Offer Is The Best?

12 July, 2016 Leave a comment
Supermarkets bombard shoppers with special offers and discounts, but by doing so they are in fact just pouring profit down the drain and giving money away. So what is the best special offer?     Get a ‘free’ product or a discounted price? A multi-buy offer or an extra. Read More…

Are Supermarket Savings Schemes Changing Shopper’s Price Perceptions?

4 July, 2016 Leave a comment
We’ve seen that shoppers are noticing supermarket's efforts to slash prices…but the picture isn’t quite that clear…. Way back in 2014, we carried out some research into how well shoppers thought supermarkets were delivering on their price promises, and since then, we’ve monitored how. Read More…

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