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Price Perceptions

29 March, 2016 Leave a comment
So, you’ve used all of your psychological price promotion knowledge to set the perfect price for your product – surely that’s all you can do to get those pounds rolling in? Actually, how you display these prices can also influence your customer’s price perceptions. Here’s a few simple. Read More…

In-Store Awareness – Looking or Seeing?

22 March, 2016 Leave a comment
There are significant differences between what shoppers see in-store, and what they look at. When someone sees something, they train their eyes on it and the brain then processes information about it. Conversely, what somebody looks at can be defined as something that they fixate upon but which is. Read More…

The Use of Priming / Subliminal Advertising in Supermarkets

15 March, 2016 Leave a comment
Have you ever heard a song on the radio, or caught a scent of someone’s perfume/aftershave which has reminded you of a specific person or past event? Well, these subtle environmental cues are unconsciously activating memories that you’ve stored away in your brain – otherwise known as. Read More…

Mirror Neurons – What Are They and How Do They Work?

8 March, 2016 Leave a comment
Mirror neurons refer to a special group of neurons in the brain which fire not only when an individual executes a specific motor movement, but also when they observe one made by someone else (Oztop, Kawato & Arbib, 2013). A team of Italian researchers first discovered mirror neurons in the. Read More…

Selling in Supermarkets: 5 Forgotten Methods

1 March, 2016 Leave a comment
Grocery shopping is no longer the thrill it used to be, and while the shopper may not realise why the zest has gone from their experience in the aisle, they know it has. While the typical shopper may blame the price factor, it’s far more than that – retailers seem to have completely. Read More…

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