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Multi-Channel Shopping: Online vs. Bricks & Mortar Retail

22 December, 2015 Leave a comment
In-store shopping is a place for discovery, whilst we venture online for our replenishment needs – and so the big question remains: ‘what does this mean for the future of convenience vs. hypermarket?’   A new report, British High Streets: from Crisis to Recovery? (by Neil Wrigley. Read More…

Shopper Emotions

15 December, 2015 Leave a comment
Introduction to Emotions Shoppers rationalise and reason their emotional decision making process – often incorrectly. The human brain has been generating, experiencing, and responding to emotional stimuli for approximately 500 million years (ever since we crawled out of the swamp). Homo. Read More…

Categories and the Psychology Behind Them

8 December, 2015 Leave a comment
It’s human nature to categorise things - we do it with animals, other people, colours, products, everything - it’s just what we do. It helps us to process concepts faster and we need to do it in order to make decisions. When we shop for groceries, it helps that the thousands of choices in. Read More…

Short and Long Term Memory – One Shopper, Two Brains

4 December, 2015 Leave a comment
Shopper research is a highly specialised medium for a number of reasons - mainly because that for any shopper research to be truly effective, the agency has to address the fact that shoppers use both their long and short term memories with which to come to purchasing decisions. In essence the. Read More…

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