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Shoppers vs. Buyers. What’s the Difference?

24 November, 2015 Leave a comment
Some people use the words ‘shoppers’ and ‘buyers’ interchangeably, but the two words do not mean the same thing. Yes, both are interested in purchasing products, but their reasons for doing so are very different. When retailers are busy negotiating with their suppliers, they sometimes. Read More…

Shopper Senses

19 November, 2015 Leave a comment
Shoppers are known to use a number of senses in-store whilst shopping. In actual fact it is impossible not to receive constant input into the nervous system by way of the 5 senses. Sight Sound Smell Touch Taste The brain decides which sensory data is relevant at that moment. Read More…

‘Non-Buyers’ – Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Them

16 November, 2015 Leave a comment
Non-Buyers are often just a millimetre away from being a potential purchaser - so don’t ignore them! With the new technology and techniques available today, we know more than ever about shoppers and the whole realm of retail sales. With that in mind, we need to re-evaluate the sales. Read More…

Turning Attention into Action

5 November, 2015 Leave a comment
Are you just turning heads or are you getting meaningful attention in-store? There is a common misconception that turning the head of a shopper is the same as getting their attention.   Even if this were so (which stretches the definition of the word ‘attention’), the attention. Read More…

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