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Get Ahead in Supermarket Retail in 3 Quick Steps

29 October, 2015 Leave a comment
Now, more than ever before the one thing that retailers want to know is how to change the trading mindset from can’t and won’t to can and will. With sales dropping, food prices deflating and redundancies in head offices across the UK, it would appear that things are falling apart in the world. Read More…

It’s Only Words

22 October, 2015 Leave a comment
Go beyond the words shoppers use and get to what they really mean. The vast majority of shopper and consumer research uses words as the medium by which researcher and participant communicate, however in the case of the shopper, this is somewhat ineffective, as it can be flawed and. Read More…

In-Store Promotions: Ask The Psychologists, Not The Accountants

13 October, 2015 Leave a comment
Once upon a time, I asked the following question: “Are you part of a £100 billion crime?”  If you run promotions as part of your trade marketing activity, then chances are you ARE!   The secret of promotions is that you need to heighten appeal rather than giving away more margin or. Read More…

Shopper Modes

8 October, 2015 Leave a comment
Shopping behaviour has been segmenting shoppers (not consumers) by their actions at a fixture in-store. This enables stores to better align their offering by the type of shopper buying their products. With the exception of non-shoppers (those who walk by a category without showing any interest). Read More…

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