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Want to know what 1000 shoppers are thinking? Now’s your chance.

19 February, 2015 Leave a comment
Your chance to win a free Ask the Nation question by following us on LinkedIn - Click here. If you could ask 1000 shoppers anything you wanted, what would it be? For your chance to win a free Ask the Nation question, simply 'Follow' our LinkedIn page and 'Like' our Ask the Nation. Read More…

The Psychology of Categories: How to increase shopper satisfaction

18 February, 2015 Leave a comment
We as humans need to categorise everything; whether it’s animals, colours, or products, categorisation is an innate part of our behaviour. Being able to chunk large amounts of information into groups gives us the ability to process and understand concepts faster, allowing us to make better. Read More…

What shoppers say and do are two different things

11 February, 2015 Leave a comment
Fact: Shoppers are often many steps away from telling the truth when explaining to market researchers why they’ve chosen to buy. In a recent article by Dan Young, he explains how although shoppers attempt to rationalise the things they’re doing, they evidentially ‘lie’ about the decisions. Read More…

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