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Are Supermarkets doing enough to fight for the 3.2 Million households that are most at risk of moving to Discounters?

19 June, 2014 Leave a comment
Data from the latest Continuous Shopper Insights revealed a continuing 1% increase in the number of shoppers who do their grocery shopping in Discounters at least once a month and also in the number of shoppers who use Discounters as their main grocery store. Shoppers may be moving to Discounters. Read More…

Continuous Shoppers Insights Response to Tesco’s Decline in sales

9 June, 2014 Leave a comment
Tesco has reported a third consecutive quarter of falling sales, revealing it is the worst sales performance in 20 years. It’s believed that this decline in sales is due to the intense competition they have faced from their discounter rivals (Aldi and Lidl). While Tesco have shown positive. Read More…

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