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Online shopping needs to be prompted in-store

29 April, 2014 Leave a comment
Our previous blog post "Online shopping could ease UK shoppers' hectic lifestyles", discussed how few shoppers were actually using online retailers as their main grocery store. SBXL's Continuous Shopper Insights explored this further to find out whether shoppers are actually shopping online at all. Read More…

Online shopping could ease UK shoppers’ hectic lifestyles

17 April, 2014 Leave a comment
With UK workers spending an average of 42.7 hours a week in the office (ONS), many of us are struggling to find the right balance between our work and home life. Earlier this month, the Swedish government announced they are introducing new laws to trial reduced work hours in order to ease the. Read More…

Do loyalty schemes need to target lower income shoppers?

11 April, 2014 Leave a comment
Findings from our Continuous Shopper Insights research revealed that despite lower income shoppers being more price conscious, they are not as likely to experiment with loyalty schemes as those who are on a higher income. This raises an opportunity to target those on a lower income in-store by. Read More…

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