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Shoppers are concerned about the rise of prices in their supermarkets

30 August, 2013 Leave a comment
From our latest CSI survey, it appears that shoppers are concerned about food prices rising over the next 12 months. 82% of the shoppers surveyed think the price of groceries will become more expensive in the next year. Whereas, only 6% of shoppers think prices will become cheaper!! 49% of. Read More…

Shoppers are more likely to shop online for luxuries rather than for groceries

19 August, 2013 Leave a comment
99% of shoppers are shopping online for at least something… but only 32% of shoppers do their grocery shop online! Shoppers are much more likely to shop online for gifts, clothes, entertainment products, holidays, event tickets, electronic items and toys & gadgets rather than for their. Read More…

Online shopping: sometimes we just want to stay at home… online retail should focus on the benefits of staying at home and not about being in store.

15 August, 2013 Leave a comment
In our latest survey not only did we ask shoppers why they don’t shop online for groceries, we also asked them what would encourage them to start shopping online. 35% of shoppers said they would be encouraged to shop online if prices were cheaper! Most of these shoppers were particularly bothered. Read More…

Shoppers need to build trust in the online process… focus on the personal touch

5 August, 2013 Leave a comment
Online shopping is obviously extremely popular, in our latest online study 99% of shoppers admit to shopping at least something online. Despite this high percentage, only around 1/3rd of shoppers purchase their groceries online. So in this increasingly multi format marketplace it’s important to. Read More…

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