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Valentine’s Day

    Although it is an age-old tradition believed to date back to ancient Rome[1], to many, Valentine’s day is seen as nothing more than a clever marketing ploy created […]

We’re flippin’ excited for Pancake Day!

This year Tuesday the 13th February marks Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as pancake day, where people in many parts of the world will be celebrating the Christian tradition that marks […]

World Nutella Day 2018

The first ever jar of Nutella was concocted 54 years ago in 1964 in Italy by Pietro Ferrero’s son, Michelle, and introduced as a solution to overcome the shortage of […]

The Use of Priming / Subliminal Advertising in Supermarkets

Have you ever heard a song on the radio, or caught a scent of someone’s perfume/aftershave which has reminded you of a specific person or past event? Well, these subtle […]

BOGOF, Save, 2 For… Which Special Offer Is The Best?

Supermarkets bombard shoppers with special offers and discounts, but by doing so they are in fact just pouring profit down the drain and giving money away. So what is the […]

Shopper Insights

Shopper Insights are not only a critical component of strategy development, they are also essential to in-store tactics. The development of said shopper insights is often the first step (and […]

Defend Against Delisting!

In late 2015, supermarkets announced plans to slash their product lines by as much as 30%, which meant hundreds, if not thousands of brands faced the possibility of being delisted. […]

Which is the best promotional mechanic for you?

In a recent poll across the UK’s leading supermarkets, there was a plethora of special offer mechanics in use. With such a huge range available, we decided to impart some knowledge […]

Retailers behold! The Secret to Selling More Stuff!

Want to increase market share and earn brownie points with your boss? We’ve discovered the secret – read on to find out more… On any given day in any modern […]
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