Black Friday – what really happened

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Black Friday – what really happened

Whilst Black Friday may be a distant, if blurry memory for some, we thought we’d take a look back at how people got stuck into the offer-fest. Over 2000 shoppers were sampled about their Black Friday experience to get an idea of how the British public took to this established American tradition.

Almost three-quarters of shoppers claimed they didn’t actually purchase anything in the sales! Just 6% claimed they purchased something they hadn’t intended to get, with another 6% claiming they had waited especially for the sales to purchase products.

For those who did join in with the sale-shopping, 65% of these Black Friday purchases came from online; whereas only a third of shoppers went into store.

So it looks like there’s still more to be done to get shoppers engaging with these offers. This addition to the calendar is still very new to us, so many shoppers may be feeling weary of such good offers. Despite the fact that countdown-clocks almost outnumbered offers on websites, shoppers need more reassurance that these offers will not get any better, if engagement is going to increase.