Are Mass Sales a Thing of the Past?

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Are Mass Sales a Thing of the Past?

In the UK, our staple winter sales have always been the Boxing Day and January sales, but with recent contenders such as “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” giving British shoppers added pre-Christmas discounts, we thought we’d look over the impact all these different sales have, as our traditional sales calendar turned into an 8 week deal-festival.

With the rise of online retail, savvy shoppers now have the opportunity to shop around for the most competitive prices from the comfort of their own home. Despite this making it easier for consumers to shop, this new trend in online shopping behaviour is putting increasing pressure on retailers, particularly in the high-street, to offer the best prices in order to pull in those shoppers (and their credit cards).

Fortunately for shoppers, this had the added effect of seasonal sales appearing to last for increasingly longer periods, and retailers introducing various promotional discounts and sales throughout the winter period – but has this diluted the power that the sales used to have?

Well, according to our recent online polls of over 1,000 people in each, we discovered that 52% of UK shoppers participated in the January sales this year, compared with only 25% who participated in the Black Friday sales of 2015.

So perhaps the UK still hasn’t warmed to the idea of Black Friday, but with so little engagement with it after 2 years, should retailers be focusing more on the post Christmas sales bonanza? Without a specific sales event to draw shoppers in, the ‘winter discount period’ risks levelling the promotional playing-field too much, resulting in shoppers feeling less of a need to rush out, and more of need to wrap up with a cup of tea, pop the telly on, and spend an hour on the phone trying to find a good deal.

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