The Difference Between Shoppers and Buyers

Buyers and Shoppers both want to purchase products, but for very different reasons.

As Shrinkflation Soars Is Shopper Loyalty Lost?

Shrinkflation, a concept that’s been all over the news and causing outrage among many, is not a particularly new concept. Receiving its name from the fact that while the product […]

What’s the Best Kind of Special Offer?

Would it surprise you to hear that there isn’t a ‘best kind’ of offer? It actually doesn’t matter one bit which kind you use! Although supermarkets bombard shoppers with offers and deals, the fact is that they’re often just giving money away!

Packaging Unwrapped – 3 Design Secrets

Product packaging is an often-misunderstood art – it’s not enough for product packaging to look nice (though it’s a bonus if it does). Carefully designed packaging, assessed in isolation by […]