Gondola Ends: How They Drive Sales

For many years here at SBXL, we have compared results of sales between products with the same SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) displayed both in aisle and gondola ends, and in […]

Are You Busy Being Busy…?

At SBXL, we don’t just analyse the behaviour of shoppers, we also study business professionals such as clients, retailers and suppliers. Now more than ever, people are wearing ‘being busy’ […]

The Award for the Greatest Ever Shopper Give-Away…

… Goes to those who helped shoppers through financially challenging times and who sacrificed their sales and profits in order to help their customers spend less. But who are they, […]

Collaborations Between Retailer and Manufacturer – Are They Destined To Fail?

For manufacturers, it is critically important that retailers are able to measure (and demonstrate) results of shopper marketing programs, but they rate their ability to do so fairly poorly.    […]