Shopper Marketing – An Introduction

Questions surrounding marketing effectiveness are persistent as brands continue to invest in traditional activities such as advertising and trade promotions. Yet brand loyalty, product innovation success and sales, remain elusive. […]

How Well Do You Know Shoppers?

In order to understand how to make an impact on shoppers, you need to know how they buy. For instance, 35% of all purchases are made on impulse, whereas ‘Grab […]

Shopper Marketing – A Journey

Shopper Marketing is not a fad, a tactic or a one-off exercise – it is a journey, and as with any journey companies need to have a clear idea of […]

Try This – You’ll Love It!

It’s no big secret that in-store sampling can be a powerful tool for connecting consumers with brands that you are trying to promote. It’s risk-free and it brings shoppers closer […]

How To Tell If An Agency Has The Credentials To Really Analyse Emotions

‘Emotion’ is the retail buzzword of the moment – but beware, this could mean many different things! Let’s start off by looking at what an emotion actually is; the brain’s […]