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Retail: The Secret Psychology

Let’s be brutally honest here, right now retail is suffering from a never-before-seen uncertainty that stems from a bizarre combination of short-term thinking, terror accountancy, threatened staff cuts, and wild […]

Emotional Connections – Gaining an Emotional Advantage

Leading brand owners invest heavily in shaping and moulding the perceptions that their brands create. They take care to align the values of their brands and to make sure consumers […]

Will the sugar tax stop people buying sugary drinks? (Part 1)

In the most recent budget, George Osborne unveiled a tax on sugary drinks in a bid to tackle obesity in the UK. The sugar tax will see drinks with more […]

Will the sugar tax stop people buying sugary drinks? (Part 2)

With mixed attitudes about whether a sugar tax will be a big enough step in preventing obesity in the UK, should other measures be brought in to help combat unhealthy […]