Autonomic Behaviour – The Shopping Habit

How much shopping is conscious and how much stays below cognitive awareness?  According to Gerald Zaltman, 95% (some say 100%) of thought, emotion and decision-making occurs in the unconscious mind […]

Get Access to Shopper Attitudes and Opinions for FREE!

In order to carry out my shopper analysis, I use endless amounts of data. This gives me an insight into the different relationships between shoppers and products such as paths […]

Efficiency in Learning

In today’s fast paced retail environment, both retailers and brands try numerous techniques with which to get their message across to the shoppers. Listed below are three ways to engage […]

Shoppers: They Say One Thing Then Do Another

You’d think that the best way to understand shoppers would be to ask them why they buy what they buy. It’s not. The truth is that shoppers usually don’t tell […]