Short and Long Term Memory – One Shopper, Two Brains

Shopper research is a highly specialised medium for a number of reasons – mainly because that for any shopper research to be truly effective, the agency has to address the fact that […]

Categories and the Psychology Behind Them

It’s human nature to categorise things – we do it with animals, other people, colours, products, everything – it’s just what we do. It helps us to process concepts faster […]

Shopper Emotions

Introduction to Emotions Shoppers rationalise and reason their emotional decision making process – often incorrectly. The human brain has been generating, experiencing, and responding to emotional stimuli for approximately 500 […]

Multi-Channel Shopping: Online vs. Bricks & Mortar Retail

In-store shopping is a place for discovery, whilst we venture online for our replenishment needs – and so the big question remains: ‘what does this mean for the future of […]