Supermarkets failed to inspire shoppers to buy Valentine’s Day gifts

41% of shoppers bought their partner something for Valentine’s Day. Although the majority of shoppers didn’t participate in gift-exchanging, those who did were likely to buy these items from grocery […]

Brands are pulling Tesco shoppers back

Predictions from Bernstein are that Tesco’s market share is expected to level out in the 12 weeks to end of March. Combining this along with Tesco winning the top spot […]

Mother’s day supermarketing, from Tesco!

Last month, grocery retailer’s failed to persuade the majority of shoppers to engage with their Valentine’s Day gifts (CSI). This is not surprising because gift purchasing isn’t high on the agenda […]

Rise in AB shoppers visiting Discounters? They haven’t made the move yet.

The Grocer recently speculated that Discounters are attracting AB shoppers (middle/upper class shoppers, on the higher income bracket, often in a managerial work position). Continuous Shopper Insights reveals that AB […]