Intercept Interviews In-Aisle

Better interviews for more revealing insights

Claimed behaviour can be both misleading & plain wrong. We separate fact from fiction & tell you why shoppers buy & why some don’t. Discover what shoppers really think of your category & brand. Find out just how well your brand engages with shoppers in-store.

Why you should use SBXL intercepts as opposed to other interview techniques:

  1. As little as 7% of human communication comes from the words we say.
  2. The picture a shopper wears on her face says more than 1,000 words from her mouth.
  3. Up to 50% of interview responses are factually incorrect. We’ll tell you which 50% that is.

“SBXL’s key strength is their ability to quickly understand your business and then focus on the real objectives behind a shopper research project.”

  • Interviews that also capture emotional responses & vital non-verbal communication 'tells'.
  • Every interview captured verbatim & analysed word by word.
  • Independent measures also capture shopper pleasure, excitement & confusion.
  • Tone of voice analysed to reveal true engagement levels in-store.
  • What do shoppers really feel about your brand in-store.
  • What is their hierarchy of needs when considering which brands to buy.
  • Does the shopping experience match the expectations of the shopper?
  • Why do some shoppers not buy your brand?
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